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About us

Kloepfel Engineering’s development team has gathered decades of experience in a wide range of manufacturing industries and processes, including production management, operations management or designing. By working in the field for many years it became rapidly clear that many companies lacked transparency about their own product costs and cost of sales calculations across all parts of the business. The idea of Cost Control was born.

After developing the tool for several years we came up with exact formulas, and series production started. The first Cost Control tool was created.

Today, Kloepfel Engineering stands as an innovative company providing a solution for complete product cost analysis and optimization. Our expertise is applied to highly demanding tasks across supply chain management in many companies, and in the area of purchasing Cost Control is used to sustainably optimize procurement costs by validating purchase prices.

In the pre-production process Cost Control enables optimal tool selection to minimize operating times and create efficient work plans, while safeguarding sustainable productivity in the manufacturing process.

Of course we continually strive to innovate further and develop new and enhanced calculation models for wider applications.

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