Bigrep develops electric motorcycle out of the 3D printer

Start-up from Berlin presents Nera model

The Berlin start-up Bigrep has presented a prototype of an electric motorcycle out of the 3D printer. What is special about it is that the entire motorcycle is printed. Until now, it was a common practice to produce only individual parts using additive manufacturing.

Thereby, the company relies less on metal than on material. The airless tires, for example, are made of hard plastic. But the Nera model is not only striking for its futuristic design. The short production time could also be interesting for companies in the future, since the motorcycle was designed, printed and assembled in a period of only two weeks. However, this is not yet possible for the electrical components and the engine.

This would allow manufacturers to produce independently from suppliers in the future, which in turn would have a positive impact on the consumer as models would be cheaper.

Bigrep specializes in 3D printers

Bigrep was founded in 2014 and specializes in the manufacture of 3D printers. More than 70 employees, half of them engineers, also take care of the development of motorcycle components for the Nera model. In addition to motorcycles, the start-up company also manufactures furnishings, vehicle components and parts for robots.

It remains to be seen whether the company’s future lies in the manufacture of motorcycles or rather as a supplier of components and the sale of 3D printers. However, the market could be interesting, as global corporations such as BMW and Airbus are constantly looking for new ways to produce components using additive manufacturing.

3D printing in racing

Racing could also become an attractive field for the Berlin-based company. Accidents and bumps during races repeatedly damage parts. The costs for spare parts could be reduced by 3D printing. Some manufacturers like McLaren Honda even print car parts for Formula 1 directly on the race track.

Picture: Bigrep GmbH