Deutsche Post and Ford produce new e-transporters

StreetScooter Work XL at Ford in Cologne

Series production of the StreetScooter Work XL has begun at Ford’s plants in Cologne. The Deutsche Post subsidiary is producing the all-electric van in cooperation with the car manufacturer Ford.

The chassis of the vehicle comes from the Ford model “Transit”, the battery electric drive train and the body construction is built according to StreetScooter specifications. About 180 Ford employees build the e-transporter in two shifts: up to 16 models can roll off the assembly line every day. This could result in an annual production capacity of up to 3,500 vehicles.

“The cooperation with StreetScooter and the Deutsche Post DHL Group is a partnership at eye level in which both sides bring their special competencies to bear,” says Jörg Beyer, Managing Director Product Development at Ford-Werke GmbH.

Model initially only for Deutsche Post

The Work XL model is only built in the Ford factory in Cologne. It has space for over 200 packages. The vehicle is available with an electric motor of up to 122 hp. The manufacturer specifies a range of up to 200 kilometers. In this way, the company wants to contribute to a better climate, especially in German city centers. Each Work XL saves around five tons of CO2 and almost 2,000 liters of diesel per year.

The models will initially only be used for Deutsche Post. In the future, however, the e-transporter could also be marketed to third-party customers, similar to the other Work and Work L models. The Ford Transit Center will handle sales and service in Germany for these vehicle types.

Picture: Deutsche Post DHL Group