Google blocks Android updates for Huawei

Google blocks Android updates for Huawei

The dispute between the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei and the USA is entering a new round. Now the Internet giant Google is joining and stopping cooperation with the mobile phone manufacturer for the time being.

Reason for that is the order of the national emergency of US President Donald Trump to protect telecommunications in the United States from “foreign opponents”.

Google defers Trump

Now the US Company Google is following and announces that it will stop its business relations with Huawei. According to Google, it accepts Trump’s decree. It is still being examined to what extent the business relations will be influenced by it.

For Huawei, this news is unlikely to arouse much enthusiasm. In concrete terms, this means that the Chinese smartphones will no longer receive updates for the Android operating system. Users could also feel the limitations. They may then no longer be able to access Google apps and services such as Maps or GMail. However, this does not apply to programs with public source code.

Spying allegations

The USA has been accusing the network supplier from China of espionage for months. The accusation is that the company cooperates with the Chinese government and spies out sensitive information. Huawei rejected these accusations.

The Chinese are an important supplier of telecommunications and network technology – including the expansion of 5G. In Germany, the supplier was not excluded from the expansion per se, but in the USA Huawei is boycotted in the course of the trade conflict with China.

The smartphone manufacturer has not yet commented on Google’s latest announcement.