Production from HelloFresh honored

High requirements on supply chain

The Berlin start-up HelloFresh was awarded the Industrial Excellence Award (IEA). The supplier of cooking boxes received the award for the rapid establishment and expansion of complex value and supply chains.
The IEA has been awarded to companies from industry and the service sector throughout Europe since 1995. The award is given to companies that stand out in international competition with their production facilities.

HelloFresh supply chain praised by jury

HelloFresh COO Markus Windisch was delighted with the award and emphasized that the product food demands the highest standards from the entire supply chain. The jury also justified the choice of the winner with the fact that the goods were delivered inexpensively, quickly and to a customer-specific address: “This is not only an economical, but also an ecologically sensible alternative to the traditional purchase of food” says Prof. Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier. He is the academic director of the competition.

HelloFresh’s supply chain is very compact and agile and uses customers’ purchasing behavior to plan capacities and offers. Suppliers of cooking boxes are often criticized for the high amount of packaging waste. But Huchzermeier says that the start-up company is continuously working on this as well.

The worldwide leading supplier of cooking boxes was founded in 2011 and is currently represented in more than ten countries. In the second quarter of 2018, nearly 49 million meals were delivered to over 1.8 million households.

Picture: HelloFresh