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The joining process refers to the joining of at least two bodies. For joining, various methods can be used, such as welding or assembly. Cost Control offers optimization possibilities for manual and robotic welding as well as assembly similar to MTM.

Manual and robotic welding

Manual and robotic welding differ in the execution of the work process. While all operations are carried out by an employee during manual welding, a robot performs the process steps during robot welding. A distinction is made between automatic and semi-automatic welding. If the robot executes all process steps during automatic welding, then with semi-automatic welding it is only the pure welding process.

Calculation similar to MTM

Assembly is the joining of components with a detachable connection, without the components being destroyed during disassembly. MTM (short for methods-time measurement) is a procedure for analyzing work processes and determining planned and predefined times.


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