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Design to Cost

Design to Cost

Build cost-consciously and efficiently

In design to cost, the target costs determined by Target Costing must be met in development and then later in construction. For this purpose, the functionality (= customer benefit) and the costs of a component, a material or production techniques are precisely weighed against alternatives. Cost simulations with Cost Control allow you to recognize during development if the actual costs differ from the target costs.

In order to achieve the following goals, all involved parties must be brought together as a team in discussions and workshops with Cost Control:

  • Optimization of manufacturing techniques
  • More efficient use of raw materials & materials
  • Energy savings
  • Weight Reduction
  • Quality improvement
  • Develop solid make-or-buy decisions
  • Product standardization
  • Intelligent material substitution
  • Innovative product developments

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Don’t talk about prices any longer, talk about costs!

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