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Cost Calculation software

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Cost Calculation software

Cost Control examines supplier prices and exposes cost drivers

With the Cost Control software, buyers can ensure that the costs of the products they buy are transparent, without relying on the supplier – no matter whether talking of large machines, machine components, robots or ceiling lights. This makes it possible to understand whether the prices of the suppliers are really tenable. Cost Control opens up new scope for negotiation for buyers and ultimately valuable savings potential.

In addition, Cost Control can also be used to disclose 100 percent of the production costs of own products. In this way, companies can already identify the cost drivers of their own products during the design phase. The designer can already predict manufacturing costs in the planning phase and receives valuable support regarding “make-or-buy” – or long term investment decisions. The designer uses Cost Control to scrutinize all costs during the product life cycle, from the prototype to the pre-series to the series.

Monitor cost data worldwide

The software has a well maintained database of the worldwide costs of materials, machines, labor and energy. In addition, the calculation of manufacturing costs takes into account, for example, the performance data of a wide range of machines used worldwide, machine intervention times and the use of various different tools and production methods as well as the associated processing times.

Tooling selection

Cost Control is used in the pre-production process to optimize the selection of production equipment to minimize the operating time, to create efficient work plans and to ensure productivity in manufacturing.

Video-tutorials for Cost Control

From now on video tutorials on YouTube show the basics for Cost Control. To start, users can refer to five instructions on the topics: Calculation and report in general, quick calculation sheet metal working, quick calculation welding, quick calculation injection molding and machining operation. Of course, the videos are also available in English. All videos explain the first steps in less than five minutes: The Cost Control tutorials guide users through the tool from login to subscription price. The videos can be accessed directly via a button in the tool or viewed on Kloepfel Engineering’s YouTube-channel.

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