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The reasons for carrying out surface treatment are as varied as the procedure involved. In most cases the reason is to protect from corrosion, but it can also be for technical purposes.

With the Cost Control, the costs for the processes electroplating, hardening and painting can be precisely clarified.


Electroplating refers to the chemical or electrochemical application of metallic coatings on workpieces. A distinction is made between decorative (e.g., gilding of jewelry) and functional electroplating (e.g., increasing electrical conductivity and as corrosion protection).


Hardening is a process which increases mechanical resistance by targeted modification and transformation of a microstructure. It is carried out with heat treatment.


Varnishing is the application of liquid or powdered coating materials. Through targeted chemical or physical processes, such as evaporation of solvents, drying or baking, a continuous solid film is built.


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