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Crash Workshop

Crash Workshop

Kosten senken heißt Kosten verstehen

In our crash workshop for product cost optimization, we look at the following important process parameters together with you:

  • Core Processes
  • Process times
  • Production Methods
  • Use of tools
  • Software applications
  • Procedures
  • Use of materials
  • Suppliers
  • Logistics


We work according to the “4M” principle: human, machine, material and method. We know based on years of practical experience: savings of more than 20% are possible – even with you!

Regardless of whether your data is available to us as CAD data, sketches or actual parts: with the given quantity and lot size we can show the following results in our crash workshop:

  • Cost transparency
  • Optimized production methods
  • Savings potential

At a glance

Two cost structure experts will guide you through the workshop. One-day crash workshop to reveal savings potential will cost a flat rate of € 5,500 (plus VAT):

  • Data analysis / workshop preparation (CAD data, parts lists, product parts, sketches, quantities, lot sizes, material data)
  • Workshop (parts selection according to customer priority, value stream analysis, 4M observation, discussion in “Brain Storm” format)
  • Results (summary, potential presentation, implementation proposals, technology transfer)

All information about our crash workshop is available for download here:
Flyer Crash Workshop

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