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What can Cost Control do?

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What can Cost Control do?

Reduce product costs – increase product quality


Cost Control provides answers to the following questions:

  • Does your company have competitive and fair purchasing terms, including for special parts or monopolists?
  • Do you have sufficient transparency in purchasing?
  • Does your supplier provide an open calculation?
  • Is your production optimized for your products?
  • Which manufacturing processes incurs which manufacturing costs?
  • Do you know the cost drivers of your products?
  • Are the individual value creation points of your supply chain optimally coordinated?

The Cost Control Tool contains all available production modules and is specially tailored to the needs of a manufacturing company. Simulate and calculate product costs with all relevant cost influencing factors and increase the transparency of procurement and manufacturing costs to 100%.

Increase efficiency in purchasing and validate your suppliers’ product prices; identify cost drivers right from the design stage and increase manufacturing productivity by choosing optimized production equipment. The Cost Control Tool is used in every link of the value chain due to its versatile range of applications, and already fulfills the most demanding tasks in supply chain management today.


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Reduce costs instead of pushing prices

Cost Control identifies the true product costs of your suppliers. Therefore, it is possible to request suppliers to provide an open costing to improve product cost and quality. The aim is not just to push down prices, but rather to strengthen the innovation momentum of your supplier relationships and their products. In this way you can support each other in global competition.

Furthermore, your bargaining position is strengthened through more knowledge, and optimal purchasing conditions in the global markets is realized.

Your true product costs

Reduce your own product costs with Cost Control in an effective way. Cost Control supports you with:

  • Value Analysis
  • Target Costing
  • Design to Cost
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
How does Cost Control work?

Products are broken down into individual cost elements using design drawings, stock lists and other specifications with the help of the Cost Control Tool. This gives the user transparency with regard to the following cost elements:

  • Energy costs
  • Raw material costs
  • Surcharge rates
  • Set-up times and set-up costs
  • Processing times and processing costs

With the results, products can be designed and therefore produced more effectively, whether it is series production, batch production or manufacturing a range of products. The bottom line is that you save or substitute raw materials and materials intelligently, reduce production times, optimize production techniques and cross-departmental processes, or get a basis for “make or buy” decisions.
Furthermore, you use and converse existing know-how in the company or the supplier much better.

Special features

The Cost Control Tool contains various different modules for all production techniques (e.g. machining, sheet metal processing, joining technology). Cost Control takes into account the use of various tools and production methods as well as their respective processing times. Cost Control is able to automatically calculate all other relevant impact factors in an international comparison such as:

  • Machine intervention (main and auxiliary time),
  • Hourly rates,
  • Tool costs as well as
  • Worldwide costs of materials, machine types, wages and energy.
Running a value analysis project


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