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Kloepfel Engineering can reduce your product costs by 10% to 40%

Use one of the highest award-winning Cost Control product costing software applications to accurately track and optimize the true costs of your own products and those of your suppliers. It also gives you a benchmark of what the product costs worldwide. Additionally, you can also commission our Kloepfel Engineering Team to calculate product costs, or seek advice on value analysis.

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A hot chili pepper is just another ordinary vegetable….

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… until you have bitten into it! Kloepfel Engineering’s Cost Control software features four core performance points. With target costing, Cost Control determines how high the product costs may be in order for the product to be successfully marketed. The goal of the Design to Cost approach is to construct cost-consciously and efficiently taking into account the target costs. Cost Control also enables more efficient value creation through production optimization and is suitable for a variety of processes. Cost Control not only provides answers to cost issues in technical purchasing, it also highlights possibilities for improving quality.



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