Boeing reports problem with 737

Part of the aircraft wings faulty

Boeing has once again written negative headlines with its 737 aircraft: After the crash of the 737-Max and the flight ban, problems with a wing part of the medium range aircraft were reported.

In particular, there is a problem with a batch of components from a supplier, according to the company. The parts concerned could be defective and, according to Boeing, need to be replaced on all airplanes. The affected aircrafts are the 737 and 737 Max.

So far, no problems in flight operations have been reported. The affected component is fastened to the aircraft wings and is therefore decisive for take-offs and landings.

Previously, a worldwide flight ban had been imposed on the Boeing 737 Max in March. The reason for this was that two of these planes crashed under similar circumstances within five months. The cause is supposed to be a problem with the MCAS stabilization system.