Opel introduces E-Corsa

Deliveries from 2020

Opel presented a purely electric model for the first time as part of its sixth Corsa generation. First details and pictures were published by the car manufacturer. With an output of 100 kilowatts, the small car should have a range of 330 kilometers.

It should also be possible for the driver to influence this in the three driving stages normal, eco and sport. While driving dynamics increase in sports mode, the range decreases faster. In eco mode, on the other hand, this can be significantly increased.

The batteries, which have over 50 kilowatt hours, can be charged up to 80 percent within 30 minutes using a quick-charging function. The Corsa-e should reach a speed of 100 kilometers in 8.1 seconds.


The small car will also be equipped with various assistance systems, including glare-free Intellilux LED matrix light. A high-resolution camera automatically adapts this light to the respective traffic situation. In addition to radar-supported adaptive speed control and sensor-controlled flank protection, a blind spot sensor and parking aids will also be implemented in the Opel.

A multimedia navigation system with touch display will be installed inside the vehicle. This can be used with the Opel Connect telematics service to call up traffic information and speed limits in real time. In an emergency, the system can connect directly to the breakdown service and the emergency call.

Opel has not yet provided more detailed information on the start of orders, production and deliveries. However, it has been announced in the past to accept advance orders in a few weeks and to start deliveries at the beginning of 2020. Nothing is yet known about the price either. At the end of last year, the manufacturer stated that it wanted to offer the E-Corsa at affordable prices.