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Webinar: Expose product costs

Webinar: Expose product costs

Welcome to the online event “Technical Purchasing: Unmasking and reducing hidden product costs” by Kloepfel Engineering with the media partner TECHNIK + EINKAUF.

  • Aim of Webinar: unmask and reduce purchase and production costs
  • Target group: technical purchasing, construction, technology, businesses
  • Duration: 48 minutes
  • Costs: none



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With the kind support of the trade journal TECHNIK + EINKAUF, Manfred Esser, product developer at Kloepfel Engineering, shows you how easy it is to expose and reduce all (hidden) production costs in one solution.

The award-winning software reveals the true (manufacturing) costs of suppliers’ products. Purchasers therefore gain tough new bargaining arguments by using the calculation tool.

EIn-house technicians and designers can also see the hidden costs of their own products in the design phase, to meet target cost specifications, or to simplify make-or-buy decisions.

technik-einkauf-logoTECHNIK + EINKAUF is a specialist journal for the processing industry dealing holistically with the procurement process and all of its decision-makers. TECHNIK + EINKAUF builds a bridge between the decision-makers involved in “System Procurement” in purchasing, construction and production.

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