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Sheet metal technology

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Sheet metal technology

Sheet metal technology describes the procedures to produce components from flat semi-finished products. With the Cost Control costing tool, the process times of the individual production steps are calculated and evaluated using the hourly rates of the selected production facility. The result of the evaluation of all process steps is a purchase price.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting, also called laser beam cutting, involves something solid being cut with a continuous or pulsed laser radiation. There is a distinction between laser flame cutting and laser fusion cutting. The process is characterized by high precision and can be used for plate-like materials and three-dimensional bodies. Due to the precise work, post-processing is often no longer necessary.

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a manufacturing process in which a plasma cutter or torch cuts metals. Plasma is an electrically conductive gas that has a temperature of about 30,000 degrees Celsius and is generated by an electric arc. The arc is created between an electrode and the workpiece.

Water jet cutting

The waterjet cutting variation makes it possible to cut and split compact and hard materials, such as metal, glass, ceramics, stone, wood or plastics. Using a high-pressure pump, a water jet is forced through a nozzle up to 6000 bar. The cutting beam is accelerated and the kinetic energy contained is converted into potential energy when it hits the material. For water jet cutting, a distinction is made between the following processes: pure water cutting, abrasive cutting and micro water jet cutting.

Punching and nibbling

Punching and nibbling refers to a manufacturing process for the production of sheet metal workpieces from sheet metal panels. This method is characterized by the use of a combination of simple-formed tools and a CNC-controlled machine, perforated but complex shapes can be cut out (nibbled).


The manufacturing process of punching is used to cut flat parts by means of a press (punch). It can be used for various materials such as sheet metal, cardboard, textiles, leather, etc. The cutting process used for this purpose is shear cutting.


During the forming process of bending a plastic and thus permanent deformation is brought about. A bending moment is initiated on the semi-finished product (original material before forming).


Welding refers to the joining of components by heat and / or pressure. The compound can be done with or without welding consumables and is permanently connected by the method. The welding process to be chosen depends on the material and on the formation of the welds.

The following procedures are supported:

  • Inert gas welding MAG, MIG, MAG pulse, TIG
  • Resistance welding (spot welding)
  • Ultra pulse welding
  • Friction welding
  • Electrode welding
  • Submerged arc welding
  • Plasma welding
  • Laser welding
  • Electron beam welding
  • Seam welding
  • Cold welding

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