Recall of hybrid cars from Toyota

2.4 million Vehicles affected

The Japanese automaker Toyota is recalling around 2.43 million hybrid cars due to engine problems. The Prius and Auris models are affected. In concrete terms, the problem shall be a defect in the engine which can lead to the stalling of the engine. The affected cars were produced between October 2008 and November 2014.

About half of the vehicles affected were sold in Japan.
There have already been problems in three cases due to the fault, but accidents have not yet occurred. Around 290,000 vehicles are affected in Europe and even 830,000 in North America.

Second major recall at Toyota

The largest carmaker from Japan is regarded as the big winner of the diesel crisis. Nevertheless, this is already the second major recall within a month. Just at the beginning of September it became known that around one million hybrid vehicles could be subject to short-circuits in the engine compartment. This recall also affected the Prius model (production period: July 2015 to May 2018). The C-HR model was also recalled.

The current fault shall be corrected by a software update within about 40 minutes in a service station. In Germany, about 22,000 cars will receive the update.