VW’s suppliers for electric car battery cells

Pre-order of 50 million batteries

As part of the electric car strategy, Volkswagen has pre-ordered batteries for 50 million electric vehicles. The carmaker has now announced which suppliers will provide the cells in the core of the energy storage system.

“With the South Korean battery cell manufacturer SK Innovation (SKI), the Volkswagen Group has nominated another strategic supplier for e-vehicles based on the Modular Electrification Building Kit (MEB)” announced the automotive group. This means that the most important strategic suppliers of battery cells in the most important regions of the world are now known.

In 2017, “Roadmap E” was announced: By 2025 at least 50 new VW electric cars should be on the market. This will require a battery capacity of over 150 GWh per year. In Europe, Volkswagen has recruited LG Chem, Samsung and SKI as suppliers. These will supply battery cells from 2019. From 2022, SKI will also be responsible for the North American market. In China, CATL supplies VW with batteries.

“With SK Innovation, LG Chem, Samsung and CATL, we have found strong partners for the long-term supply of our electric vehicles. Together with our suppliers, we will ensure that the rapidly growing e-fleet of the Volkswagen Group gets the best possible batteries – in all the variants we need to meet customer and brand-specific requirements” explained Volkswagen. “This has paved the way for the transformation of the Volkswagen Group to electro mobility.”